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  • Changelog.
  1. Fixed app update issues.
  2. Improved backend server linking management.


  • Changelog.
  1. Fixed Minor UI bugs.
  2. Added Casting feature.
  3. Provided some extra access control features.
  4. Improve error handling for critical tasks.
  5. Added some backup servers.


  • Changelog.
  1. Fixed Episode Portrait mode issue.
  2. Blocked VPN access and app closed automatically.
  3. Update servers to Global CDN.
  4. Upgraded Safetynet to improved security and privacy.
  5. Now offline is completely dedicated without internet.


  • Changelog.
  1. Fixed video codecs issue for low end devices below Android 6.
  2. Minor filtering improvement in Download page.
  3. Added a option to remove all continue and my list items.
  4. Improve video rendering for Firestick.


  • Changelog.
  1. Finally added all videos and audios codecs for unsupported devices.
  2. Auto apply hardware acceleration for higher resolution videos for incapable devices.
  3. Improvement in playback notification of watching content.
  4. Completely changed download feature with minimal look.
  5. Increment in surrounded sound for stereo environment.
  6. Must improvement in app size and remove unnecessary options from settings.
  7. No download supported for old contents.


  • Changelog.
  1. Add custom player for unsupported codecs devices.
  2. Fixed buffering on Live TV.
  3. Improvement in video player UI.
  4. Remove unnecessary permission for improving privacy.
  5. Updated Safety-Net for enhancing security.


  • Changelog.
  1. Improvement in downloading without subtitle where subtitle is not present.
  2. Fixed Dolby Vision track disappear issue on supported devices.
  3. Now optimized 24fps to 120fps, only for MEMC supported device.
  4. Remove some unnecessary options.


  • Changelog.
  1. Fix download option issue on Categories.
  2. Resolved white screen issue in some places.


  • Changelog.
  1. Improvement in download content key exchanging.
  2. Add safety for wrong platform.


  • Changelog.
  1. Fixed crash on Android 14.
  2. Now native brightness is stable for every device.
  3. Improvement in API load balancing.
  4. Fixed downloaded content scrolling while content is out of Column.
  5. Added manual refreshing icon on downloading section.
  6. App ready for long sessions over 48hr+.


  • Changelog.
  1. Improve download delete button position.
  2. Improvement in Android TV control.
  3. Improvement in Live TV listing.
  4. Fix Downloading of specific contents.
  5. Added Playback Specification.


  • Changelog.
  1. Fixed some specific offline content play error.
  2. Improvement in Live Tv channels playback for long session.


  • Changelog.
  1. Fixed pip mode issue.
  2. Improve support for offline subtitles.
  3. Optimize Live Tv workflow while source dead.
  4. By default content play on lowest bitrate for fast streaming.


  • Changelog.
  1. Complete support for stereo and surrounded audio.
  2. Minor improvement in UI.
  3. Improvement in Live-TV buffering.
  4. Added HDR and Dolby Vision in supported devices.
  5. Fixed some bugs.


  • Changelog.
  1. Now completely support multi-bitrate and multi-audios.
  2. Some minor improvement in UI.
  3. Improvement in Live-TV enhanced streaming experience.
  4. Lots of improvement in saving internet data and phone storage while consuming content.
  5. Provide large variety of content details like audio and subtitles.
  6. Complete support of CDN with content streaming and API.


  • Changelog.
  1. Provided a reliable content loading.
  2. Improvement in UI.
  3. Fix some bugs.
  4. Added most of countries Live Channels.


  • Changelog.
  1. Fix already signup issue of blank page.
  2. Added live channels.
  3. Improve streaming for high codec devices.
  4. Created large variety of content.


  • Changelog.
  1. Optimize Live Sports.
  2. Add Multiple Resolution option.
  3. Optimize for below 29 API.


  • Changelog.
  1. Fix updation application minor bug.
  2. Add permission for app usage.


  • Changelog.
  1. 100% Clean UI and major powered contents.
  2.  Optimize performance & ram management.
  3.  Added Live Sports.
  4.  Added Some premium features.
  5.  Superfast Streaming Platform.
  6.  Improvement in UI.
  7.  Add New Section.
  8.  Fix some old bugs.
  9.  Completely Support with Android 14.


  • Changelog.
  1. 100% Clean UI and major powered contents
  2. Ads free, Optimize performance
  3. Superfast Streaming Platform
  4. Fix functional bugs and minor change in download system.
  5. HDR supported
  6. Completely support with Android 13


  • Changelog.
  1. 100% Clean UI and major powered contents
  2. Ads free, Optimize performance
  3. Superfast Streaming Platform
  4. Fix functional bugs and minor change in download system.
  5. Always added New Section


  • Changelog.
  1. Minor Improvement in UI.
  2. Streaming as in Rocket speed.
  3. Now work perfect streaming in low bitrate internet. 
  4. Fix minor downloading issue.


  • Changelog.
  1. Improve UI.
  2. Fix resume session.
  3. Improve download functions.


  • Changelog.
  1. Initial update.